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Adding and deleting tickets

Question How can I create or delete event tickets?

It’s possible to sell more than one ticket type on Ticketbase. To start creating tickets, go to “Tickets”, under “Sell” which can be found on the left column of the dashboard.

This will lead you to the Ticket Type panel where you will see all the tickets available for your event, the number of tickets sold per ticket type, and the total amount of sales per ticket type.

Adding ticket types

There are two ways to add ticket types:

  • On the far right of “List”, click on the add icon.

  • On the actual list of tickets, click on the add icon.

A pop-up to enter the ticket details will appear.

The following details should be entered:

  • Title - refers to the name of the ticket type.

  • Ticket type - indicates if the ticket is free or paid.

  • Ticket price - the amount of the ticket, if the event is paid.

  • Description - describes what the ticket is for, the inclusive costs, etc. Ticket description will appear when the ticket title is clicked on the event page.

  • Dates - the time and duration that the tickets will be made available. Tickets available on a later date won’t immediately appear on the event page.

  • Purchase Limit - the number of tickets a customer can purchase per order.

  • Quantity - the number of tickets available for sale per ticket type.

  • Position - the order of importance you want the ticket type to appear.

  • Visibility - if you want the ticket to be visible or not. You may assign access codes to invisible tickets.

Remember to click “Save” for all changes to take effect.

Deleting tickets

Although not recommended if an event is published and running, you may delete a ticket type any time. Deleting a ticket won’t affect the list of orders, and should be honored during the event unless otherwise the customer has been refunded or the ticket voided.

To delete tickets, go to the Ticket Type panel, click on the ticket type you want to delete, and then click on “Delete this” which can be found on the bottom right corner.

A pop-up notification will appear. Click “Ok” to delete the ticket type.

Additional notes

  • When setting ticket prices, consider if you’re going to absorb the fees or passing fees to attendees.

  • Also, note the currency of your ticket prices.

  • It’s possible to update ticket type details even after the event and ticket are published. On the Tickets Types panel, choose the ticket you want to edit and change accordingly.

  • Discount codes will not take effect on tickets that are not available to the public.

  • If the event is paid, there’s no need to create a free ticket or a 100% discount code. Free access can be given out through access codes.