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Attendee check-ins

Question How can I check-in the attendee on Ticketbase?

To check in attendees, you may either do it manually or through the Ticketbase app.

You may request your attendees to print a copy of their PDF tickets or saved on their mobile devices.

If they don’t have a copy of their PDF ticket, you may also opt to verify their identity via valid IDs.

Manual Check-ins

To manually check-in an attendee, go to “Check In” (under Sales & Attendees).

On the main dashboard, enter the ticket identifier, order reference or contact name.

Click “Check In”.

Check-ins Through the Ticketbase App

The Ticketbase app is available on Android and iOS for free. The app can be used to scan the QR codes on the attendee’s ticket.

To scan the attendee’s ticket, log-in on the app using your Ticketbase credentials. Tap on the event, and scan the QR code ticket to check-in the attendee. You will then receive a confirmation on the app that the attendee has been checked in. The attendee list shall also be updated on your dashboard.

Always be aware of the message appearing on the app. If a certain ticket has already been checked-in, on the succeeding check-ins, an error message will appear: “Invalid Ticket.”