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Cloning events

Question How can I clone my event?

For events that have a regular schedule, it is possible to clone or make copies of events.

Cloning events

Under “Events”, click on “Dashboard.”

Then, on the main dashboard, click on “More Options.”

To clone your event or make a derivative of it, click on “Clone”

A notification will appear. Click on “OK” to proceed.

You will then be led to the cloned event dashboard for your editing.

Notes on cloned events

  • The cloned event will have the same title as the original event, but with a “- Cloned” added. Edit the event information.

  • The orders and attendee data will not be cloned or carried over to the cloned event.

  • The event details of the cloned event will be the same as the orginal event. Edit the event details of the new event accordingly.

  • The cloned event will also have the same ticket types. You may edit the tickets.

  • The theme, header image, etc. will be carried over to the cloned event. Edit these elements accordingly.

  • The cloned event is unpublished. Publish the event page when the details for the new event are final.