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Collection of buyer information

Question What information can I collect from the ticket buyers?

Types of Information

At Ticketbase, it is important to learn that there are three types of information that can be collected:

  • Basic (default) - where basic information (first name, last name and email) are asked. Custom questions do not apply in this classification, though.

  • Buyer - where, regardless of how many tickets are bought, any information about the buyer may be asked. Custom questions apply.

  • Ticket - where each attendee, all the tickets are intended for, shall be asked for information. Custom questions apply.

Choosing the Information Type

When you’ve decided on the information you need from the ticket buyers and/or attendees, you may now choose the type:

  • Go to “Order Form”

  • Choose the type of information you’ve decided to collect

  • Mark all the information you’d want to collect under “Available Fields”

  • Click Save.