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Confirmation of tickets bought

Question When customers buy a ticket, what will they receive?

Customers who bought a ticket will get an email confirmation regarding the details of the ticket bought, including a copy of their PDF ticket.

They can print the ticket for easier verification at the reception of the event, or they can also just save the PDF on their mobile devices. You may scan the QR Code on the ticket (printed or onscreen) through the Ticketbase app for faster queues.

If they do not have a copy of the ticket printed or on their mobile device, you may verify their identity via any valid ID, and check vis-a-vis the attendee list of the event.

No confirmation email received

In the occasion that the customer did not receive a confirmation email:

  • The confirmation email may have been sent to the customer’s Junk/Spam folder. Ask the customer to check and confirm receipt. If none has been received, you may proceed to resending the ticket through the dashboard or manually.

  • The email address registered may have been misspelled. You may get their details, check your attendees list and proceed to edit the customer’s details.