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Confirmation page

Question What does the confirmation page contain?

The confirmation page is where the ticket buyer is led after a successful transaction.

The confirmation page contains the following:

  • Confirmation code - Or the “Order Number”, which is the unique code that is assigned to every order.

  • Confirmation message - A message informing the ticket buyer that the confirmation email will be sent to their email address in a few minutes. Also reminds the ticket buyer to check their spam folder, just in case they can’t find the email in their inbox.

  • Resend request - If the ticket buyer did not receive a confirmation email, they can request for another by clicking “resend”.

  • Contact the organizer - If the ticket buyer has a message for the organizer, they can click on the button “Contact Organizer”.

  • Return URL - A clickable link that will lead the ticket buyer to another domain. Can be customized by the organizer.

  • Order Summary - A summary of the order which indicates the ticket type, price, fee, quantity and total.

  • Message - A customized message from the organizer.

Editing the confirmation page, email and PDF ticket

The following can be edited:

  • Organizer emails - The email addresses on this field shall receive a notification for every new, successful order.

  • Reply to email - The reply-to email address should the ticket-buyer replies to the confirmation email.

  • Confirmation email subject - The subject of the email. Can also contain the event title, order id, and/or the name of the buyer.

  • Ticket attachment option - The organizer can opt to attach the PDF ticket to the confirmation email.

  • Return URL - The organizer can specify which URL they want the ticket buyer to direct to after buying the ticket, on the confirmation page.

  • PDF ticket message - This message will appear on the bottom of the PDF ticket.

  • Confirmation message - This message will appear on the confirmation page

To edit the above details:

  • Go to “Confirmation page”

  • Edit the details you want to customize.

  • Click “Save”