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Discount codes

Question How can I provide discounts to possible attendees?

For paid events, Ticketbase supports discount codes, which can be used by organizers to market the event.

The organizer can control the following:

  • Codes - the organizer will be asked to enter the codes they will be using for the event. As a security measure, Ticketbase does not generate discount codes. The organizer will be responsible for coming up with codes.

  • Rate or Amount - the organizer can set a specific amount OR a discount rate to be deducted from the ticket price.

  • Number of uses - discount codes may only be used for a certain number of times until it reaches the number set in this field.

  • Duration - the inclusive dates of code validity can also be controlled.

  • Application on tickets - the organizer can also specify which tickets certain codes may apply to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible to create different codes with different applications/attributes. Also, codes should be alpha-numberic. Ticketbase currently does not support spaces or symbols.

Adding discount codes

  • Go to “Discount Codes”

  • Choose if you you want to enter codes manually or via CSV

  • Enter Amount or Rate of discount that will apply to the set of codes you entered.

  • Set number of uses for the set of codes you entered.

  • If the codes are available for a limited time, click on “Use custom promo code duration”, and enter inclusive dates of discount code effectivity.

  • Choose which ticket this applies to, then click “Save”