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Editing the event location

Question How can I edit the location of my event?

The event location answers the “where” of your event. To be able to edit your event information, go to “Edit Details”.

There are two ways to enter the event location:

  • By searching for the event on the search field

  • By entering the address manually

Entering the location by searching

It is possible to search for the location, if it is already registered. Using this method will automatically locate the venue on the Google Map.

To search for the location:

  • Click on the search field

  • Enter location on the search field

  • Choose the correct location from the search results by clicking

  • Location name and address will automatically populate the event location fields.

Entering the location manually

For locations that are not registered on Google Maps, it is possible to enter the location on Ticketbase manually.

  • Click on “add adress manually”

  • Enter the complete details of the address on the fields.

  • Click “Save”

  • Manually locate your evenue on the map.

  • Click “Save”

NOTE: If the venue is saved without manually locating it on the map, the map on the event page will remain blank.

Manually locating the venue on the map

It is important to remember that the location pin will always be at the center of the map.

  • Zoom out by clicking the “-“ button on the map, until you see the whole map.

  • Drag the map around to locate the venue. You may zoom in (“+”) and out (“-“) during the process.

  • Click “Save”