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Event dashboard

Question What information does the event dashboard provide?

The main event dashboard can be accessed by clicking “Dashboard” under “Event”.

At a glance, the main Ticketbase dashboard contains several important details about the current status of your event.

  • Tickets Sold - highlights to the total number of tickets sold or claimed for the event. This also includes free tickets, and tickets purchased through promo or discount codes. The section also shows the current day’s number of tickets sold and claimed, and the quantity of tickets sold and claimed in the past 7 days.

  • Total Sales - refers to the total sales of tickets. This also includes tickets discounted ticket sales. The section includes the current day’s and past 7 days’ value of tickets sold.

  • Visits - refers to the number of people who has visited the event page in the past 7 days, and the number of unique visitors.

  • Recent Orders - this list shows the last 10 orders/transactions. To view the complete list of orders, click on “View all”.