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Inviting attendees

Question How can I send and monitor email invites through Ticketbase?

Through the Ticketbase dashboard, you may invite possible attendees by sending them email invites, and then monitor the status of the invites.

Inviting attendees

  • Go to “Invite People”

  • Under “Send invites” click “SEND EMAIL”

  • A pop-up will appear:

  • Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite, separated by commas.

  • Edit the subject of your invite, and then compose your message.

  • Click “Send Invitations” to email the invites. Invited people shall receive an email which includes a link to the event page.

  • Latest invites will appear under “Latest invitations sent”.

Monitoring invites

  • Go to “Invitations” to see a list of all invited, the status, and other details of their invitation.

NOTE: “Status” of the invite refers to ticket acquistion, the objective of the invite, and not email invite opens or visits to the event page.

Resending or cancelling invites

  • To re-send unreceived invites, or cancel invites, click “Resend” or “Cancel” on the last column of the invite’s details row.

Note: If an invite is cancelled, the invite details will not appear on the list of invitations anymore. For invite-only events, the link on the email invites of recipients whose invitations have already been cancelled will not work anymore. If the event is public, the link on the invite, even if cancelled, will still work.