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NationBuilder integration

Question How do I integrate my NationBuilder event to Ticketbase?

Events on NationBuilder, a community organization platform, can be imported on Ticketbase for a more advanced ticketing functionality.

Benefits of integrating with Ticketbase

Ticketbase offers advanced ticketing functionality for events, donations or campaigns. Some of the benefits include:

Importing NationBuilder events to Ticketbase

Before importing your event on Ticketbase, it is important for you to:

After creating the event, connect your NationBuilder account to Ticketbase through ticketbase.com/nationbuilder/sign_in.

You will then be led to the welcome page. Click on the “start importing NationBuilder events” button to initiate the integration.

Choose which event you want to import, and you will be led to your event dashboard.

Importing succeeding NationBuilder events

After connecting your NationBuilder account to Ticketbase, for succeeding events, go to “Events” on your Ticketbase account dashboard.

Below your current events, you will find the NationBuilder import section. Click on “Import.”

Choose which event you want to import, and click “Import this event”.