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Adding, editing, removing and changing organizations

Question How do I add/change/edit the organization handling the event?

Organization refers to the overall entity handling the event (i.e. Event Organizer). Note that one event can only be attributed to one organization.

Creating, editing and deleting organizations

Right beside your name, on the upper right corner of the screen, click on the drop down menu:

  • Click on Manage Organizations.

  • On the Organizations page, click on “Create.”

  • Fill-out all the required fields, then Save.

  • You may now associate the organization in the events that you will create.

The following details may be entered:

  • Name - which refers to the name of the organization

  • Subdomain (still in beta) - a shortlink that you can direct your potential customers to, to see all of the events created by this organization.

  • Image - the organization’s logo which may appear in your communications related to your Ticketbase event.

  • About - a short description of the organization. Do note that this field will not show formatted text.

  • Organization Info (still in beta) - on your organization page, you have the option to show your organization’s website, number of events held and top event locations.

  • Default Currency (still in beta) - you may assign the default currency for events created under the organization.

  • Display Option (still in beta) - gives you the option to display events by the organizer or all your created events regardless of organization.

  • Organization URL - displays the website of the organization.

  • Facebook and Twitter URLs - gives visitors of the page opportunities to connect with the organization through social media

To edit the organization, on the Organizations page, click on the “Edit” icon, edit all the desired fields and then click “Save”.

To remove an organization, click on the “Delete” icon.

Adding and deleting organization members (still in beta)

You may add organization members on organizations by clicking the “Add Members” icon.

Enter the email address of the member, decide if the member is an admin of the organization, and then click “Add Member.”

To remove organization members, click on the delete icon.

Changing the organization

To change the organization indicated on the event, go to “Edit Details”.

If the organization has already been created, you may just choose which organization on the drop down menu.

If the organization hasn’t been created yet, choose “None”, and enter the name and description.

Click “Save” to save changes.