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Registration and privacy

Question How can I change the registration and privacy options?

The registration and privacy options lets event organizers to control the order time limit, event privacy and attendee reminder.

There are two ways to access and edit the registration and privacy options:

  • Under “Event” on the left side of the dashboard, click on “Registration & Privacy”

Always click “Save” to save changes.

Editing the order time limit

The default time limit is 15 minutes, but it can be extended to 30 or 60 minutes. Depending on the order form, it is best to keep the time limit as short as possible.

  • Go to “Registration Options”, change the time limit and the “Expired order alert” as desired.

“Expired order alert” refers to the message shown to the registrant when the time limit is already up. Default message is as shown below.

As soon as expired, registrant will be redirected to the event page to order tickets.

Editing the event privacy

This option lets the event organizer restrict access to the event. Note that the default is “public”.

  • Go to “Privacy”, choose the privacy option and other desired options.

Under “Visibility”, you may opt to make the event page available for public or private viewing.

When “Strict Invitation” is chosen, only those invited through the invite system will be allowed to RSVP. Note that choosing this feature will automatically require users to sign in via Facebook.

Choosing “Require all ticket buyers to sign in” will require event page visitors to sign-in using Facebook before they can buy tickets.

Attendee Reminder

This feature is currently disabled. Contact your customers through “News & Updates” instead.