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Team access

Question Is it possible to give access to some people on my event team?

Yes, this is possible! To invite other event team members to access the event dashboard:

  • Click on the drop down menu beside your name (upper right corner of your dashboard).
  • Click on “Multi-User Access”
  • Click on “Invite a Collaborator”
  • Fill out your collaborator’s details.
  • Click “Save” to send the invite to the team member.

Giving permissions

Under the collaborator’s details, you can grant them permission to your events under Event Permissions.

  • All Events - the member given this permission will have access to all events created.
  • Selected Events only - will let you choose which event you’ll give the member access to.

You may also restrict their access to certain features under Actions.

  • All Actions - will give the member all actions required for the event management dashboard.
  • Selected Actions only - will let you choose which actions the member can implement for the selected event.