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Customizing your event page theme

Question How can I edit the look of my event?

Ticketbase provides organizers the ability to customize the look and feel of their event page, in order to make it consistent with their branding.

The theme editor can be accessed on the event dashboard by clicking “Design.”

You will then be led to the WYSIWYG theme editor, where the theme elements can be manipulated on the right column of the screen.

Changing the event page theme and lay-out

Ticketbase currently offers 8 themes for organizers to choose from, each with default, yet editable, lay-outs, color combinations, fonts and images

It is possible to change the theme anytime, by going to the theme editor and clicking on “Change Theme.”

You may also change the lay-out accordingly: Wide, Slim or Inset.

The event title can also be changed from the theme editor in order to see how it will look like on the event page itself.

Changing the color scheme

You may also change the colors to suit your event’s needs by using the default color schemes.

To fit the event’s branding and communications, you may also change the colors accordingly down to your official pallette.

In order to change the colors, click on the element you want to change, and choose the color or type in the Pantone.

Changing the event fonts

Ticketbase offers five fonts each for the headings and body texts.

To change your font combinations, go to “Fonts.”

Adding the event logo and background image

Header refers to the top part of your event page which may (or may not) contain the logo and overlay color of the background image.

Click on “Event logo” to upload the logo. You may opt to show the logo by enabling “Show logo.” To edit the overlay color of the background image, click on “Color” and choose the color. The font color of the event title can also be changed by clicking on “Text.”

To change the background image, go to “Header Image” and upload the image by clicking on “Image.”

Adding other event page elements and sections

Under “Details” you may opt to show share buttons, event map and ticket details.

You may also add sections like speakers and sponsors lists by clicking on the “+” button on the lower left of the screen.

Viewing the edited page and saving

On the upper right corner of the theme editor screen, click on “Preview” to see the changes full screen, and “Save” to save the edits you’ve made.

Always remember to save before going back to your event dashboard. To go back to the dashboard, click on “Back,” which can be found on the upper left corner of the theme editor screen.