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Ticket fees

Question How much does Ticketbase charge?

Unlike other ticketing platforms, Ticketbase charges a small, flat fee per ticket, regardless of the amount of the ticket. Ticketbase fee depends on the currency used for the event:

Currency Fees
US Dollar $0.99 per ticket
Canadian Dollar $0.99 per ticket
British Pound £0.65 per ticket
Japanese Yen ¥120.00 per ticket
Euro €0.75 per ticket
Australian Dollar $1.15 per ticket
Singapore Dollar $0.99 per ticket
Philippine Peso ₱45.00 per ticket
Indonesian Rupiah Rp14,000.00 per ticket
Swedish Krona kr7.50 per ticket
Israeli Shekel ₪3.90 per ticket
Thai Baht ฿32.50 per ticket
Mexican Peso $15.00 per ticket
New Taiwan Dollar NT$30.00 per ticket
Hong Kong Dollar $7.50 per ticket

As soon as the transaction takes place, Ticketbase already takes the flat fee, and transfers the payment to the organizer’s account.

Ticketbase does not charge anything else apart from the small, flat fee per ticket.

The organizer may opt to absorb the ticket fees or let the customers shoulder them.

Absorbing or passing the ticket fees

  • Click “Tickets” on the left column of the event dashboard.

  • Then on the main dashboard, under “Fees (beta)”, choose “Event creator”, to absorb the ticket fees, or “Purchaser” for the customers to shoulder the ticket fees.

  • Then click “Save Fee Setting”